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We can prepare Accounts in two ways, you can either opt for us to update them on a monthly basis and for us to send you updated information every month showing how your business is performing or you can have all the work done at the financial year end. The benefit of the monthly update is that you are constantly receiving information on your business and its profitability, which you can use to ensure its future success and that you can make provisions in your budget to meet your tax liability. You can also be sure that at the time you need your Self Assessment completing all the paperwork is up-to-date, and any fines from the Inland Revenue will be avoided. We would for this reason alone recommend the monthly updates to your Accounts. If you choose to have your Accounts prepared yearly we would recommend that you forward all your paperwork as soon as possible to me so that we can be sure of completing them in time. There would be no difference in charge for each method of producing Accounts.